Do you feel hesitant while talking in front of others?

AceFluency helps you to practice speaking one-on-one with an expert to help you improve accuracy, build confidence, and become a better speaker of English.

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Do you face difficulty only in a few areas of English?

Worry no more! The 1:1 class is designed to suit your needs. We’ll help you in the areas you decide - be it grammar, public speaking, or formal communication. It’s a tailored course specially designed for you.

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Are you afraid of asking questions in the class?

Yes? Well, your personal tutor will be here to guide you throughout your journey. Now you can ask as many questions as you like without the fear of judgment from others. The more you ask, the more you learn.

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Meet our Trainers

Nidhi Shah

Nidhi is an experienced ESL Trainer with a Masters in English and years of experience training language to young and adult learners. She is passionate about reading, watching movies, and listening to students’ stories.

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Shivani Gola

Shivani is a certified ESL teacher and Soft Skills coach. She has been working in the realm of language teaching for many years now and has experience tutoring learners belonging to diverse age groups and backgrounds.

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Reena Gupta

Reena comes with an overall experience of 10 years in Behavioral Skills Training. She has facilitated and coached clients from various industries. As a trainer, Reena has been recognized for creating stimulating and interactive learning environments, encouraging participation and individual creativity. She’s fond of reading as well as painting.

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Pooja Joshi

Pooja joshi is a written and verbal communication skills mentor. Teaching is her passion and she has been guiding students to polish their communication skills for more than 12 years. She believes, " If you have a passion for learning, you will never cease to grow."

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Frequently Asked Questions

AceFluency is a one-of-a-kind application that provides you with insightful live sessions, personalized guidance, on-demand classes, calling feature to connect and practice with fellow learners and so much more so that you can master the English language in no time.

Once you have booked your class, our counselors will get in touch with you to schedule a class as per convenience. You will be required to join the class using the AceFluency application under the ‘Live classes’ tab.

Absolutely. You can cancel your class 5 hours prior to the class time. To reschedule, you can simply re-book a class again.

Alongside your personalized classes, this plan allows you to access our recorded sessions specially curated to give a detailed understanding of grammar and vocabulary as well as other premium features like connecting with co-learners, audio dictionary, vocabulary directory, and referral rewards.

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