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The Membership Plan isn't just any course on the Internet

Who should opt for the Membership Plans?


Students who want to invest in affordable learning plans and practice English every day

Working Professionals

Working professionals who want to upskill themselves and get career growth.


Freelancers who want to improve their communication skills and get more clients.

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Membership Plus Plan
  • 1. Membership Plus Live Classes
  • 2. Recorded Classes for Grammar and Vocabulary
  • 3. Unlimited 1:1 Calling with co-learners
  • 4. Complete Student Speaking Room Access
  • 5. Expert Trainer Room Participation Access
  • 6. Complete Audio Learning Library Access
  • Validity: 30 Days


Membership Plan
  • 1. Unlimited 1:1 Calling with co-learners
  • 2. Student Speaking Room Creation Access
  • 3. Student Speaking Room Participation Access
  • 4. Expert Trainer Room Listening Access
  • Validity: 30 Days

Here's what our students say

AceFluency's Membership Plus Plan rocks! With live classes and recordings, I'm learning English easily. Unlimited 1:1 calling helps me practice speaking English fluently. It's like having English classes at home!
Vikrant Goyal
HR Coordinator
This Membership Plus Plan on AceFluency is just what I needed to boost my English skills. The student speaking room and trainer room access is top-notch. And the best part? It's so affordable! Highly recommend to all my friends.
Meera Iyer
Graphic Designer
AceFluency's Membership Plus Plan is just fab! The live classes and recordings make learning English fun and easy. Plus, the unlimited 1:1 calling helps me improve my speaking skills every day. Best English learning plan ever!
Kavya Nair
Content Writer
The Membership Plus Plan on AceFluency is like a blessing for English learners. The live classes cover grammar and vocabulary so well. And with unlimited 1:1 calling, I'm getting better at English every day. Can't thank AceFluency enough!
Aakash Joshi
Data Analyst

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I go for the Membership Plan or the Membership Plus Plan?

If you’re someone who likes to practice English and does not need too much trainer guidance, then the Membership Plan is the right choice for you. If you need a balance between learning and practice along with other features such as Recorded Classes and Audio Learning, go for the Membership Plus Plan.

Yes. Membership Plans have been effective for a lot of our users who have regularly practiced their English and today, are fluent speakers of English. 

The validity of your plan is 30 Days.

Yes, you can always upgrade your plan by paying the difference amount as long as your validity is intact. 

If you want to practice English with a community of learners, and are ready to put in consistent hours, these plans are for you. If you think your needs are different, contact us at +91 8279398559 and we’ll suggest a better alternative for you.

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