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What's Included in the Plan?

1:1 Audio Calls with English Trainers

With Expert Talk, you can connect with any trainer of your choice, anytime. No need to book classes in advance.

Lifetime Validity

There's no limit on validity here. Use your calling minutes whenever you like.

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10 Minutes

Expert Talk Plan
  • Lifetime Validity

60 Minutes

Expert Talk Plan
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300 Minutes

Expert Talk Plan
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600 Minutes

Expert Talk Plan
  • Lifetime Validity

900 Minutes

Expert Talk Plan
  • Lifetime Validity

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I go for the Expert Talk Plan?

The Expert Talk Plan is a great alternative method of learning for students who need trainer guidance but do not have committed hours for English lessons. The plan works in bite-sized conversations where you can ask your trainer to cater to your specific English needs. They can teach, practice with you, and guide you on the call, at your time. 

The Expert Talk plan is very effective if used consistently. It gives you the flexibility of time to ensure you don’t miss out on the much-needed trainer guidance during your learning phase. if you use it regularly, you will surely see some amazing results in your spoken English.

We offer lifetime validity on all Expert Talk Plans to maximise flexibility. If you are a working professional, then there is nothing better than getting the privilege of time to connect with an English Trainer. Once you buy the calling minutes, you can use them whenever you want. No expiry date. 

Yes. You can always add more minutes to your plan. This works like a phone recharge. Once you recharge, you get calling minutes which can be used to make calls. You can choose to add minutes any time you like. 

This is the right plan for you if you face a time constraint to learn and practice English because of a busy schedule. This plan is a right fit for anyone who would like to connect with a trainer instantly and learn English or clarify doubts. Whether you are a working professional, preparing for an exam, or in need of English practice with a trainer, this is the right plan for you.  If you think your needs are different, reach out to us at +91 8279398559 and we’ll suggest a better alternative for you.

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