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How to Improve English Speaking by Reading Books: Easy Tips

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English Speaking by Reading Books

How to Improve English Speaking by Reading Books

As far as the importance of reading books is concerned, it is certain that people are able to get different types of knowledge because they read different types of content in the books. Books can be of any genre but the main thing is always to gain as much knowledge as possible through reading.

Those people who still say that books are the treasure that they always want to store lifetime can learn all those things which today’s generation misses the way it tries to go as much away from reading books as possible.

Learning English through reading books is certainly one of the greatest ways that today’s students can use to make sure that they are proficient in the language. You can learn English speaking through reading books because books have all the concepts that are normally required to go through when it comes to learning this language. Books also teach you various phrases that can be used while speaking English.

How to Improve English Speaking by Reading Books: Easy Tips

Can we improve our English-speaking skills by reading books? 

You can certainly learn English speaking skills by reading books because books give all those types of content that are required to learn this particular language.

Whether it comes to vocabulary, grammar, sentence structures, pronunciation rules, spelling rules, fixed sentences in certain situations or any other thing, these things can easily be learnt and they are going to be great when it comes to taking help for speaking the language. 

Improving English is not going to be difficult once it is taken as a language which can be learnt through different types of sources. Books are going to play a vital role as they will be able to give different types of content and the useful content can be used to practice while speaking to make sure that you speak the language using all the things that you learn through books. It’s great to learn from books as long as you practice it in real life conversations. You can practice speaking English every day for FREE on the AceFluency App where you get 20 minutes of calling talk time with co-learners every day. You can use this to have real life conversations with people just like you and implement your learnings from books.

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How to improve your English speaking by reading books? 

As mentioned earlier, you can learn English speaking by reading books with the help of analyzing sentence structures and learning vocabulary. You can use vocabulary from the books that you read and try to make them part of your language while speaking.

In the same way, you can also notice the sentence structure part and even that will be helpful for you. You can learn how to make easy to advanced-level sentences because these things must be in your mind while you are in the process of reading any book of your choice.

Tips to learn English speaking by reading books

We are going to mention the top 6 tips that are going to be helpful for you when it comes to reading books to improve your English. These tips will be fruitful only when you follow them in your English learning journey.

1. Try reading aloud

Whenever you read any book, always make sure that you read the content of the book aloud because that’s what is going to help your tongue to release the words in an easy manner. Reading aloud has scientific benefits and it can certainly help in your speech to make it better for you. You can also improve your clarity by reading aloud.

2. Do consistent practice

You have to be consistent in your practice when it comes to reading any book. You need to read the book of your interest but you have to do it on a regular basis because that’s what is going to set the tone for you to learn English speaking as soon as possible. Several students face problems because they are not regular but once they maintain the regularity, the English-speaking process becomes quite easier for them.

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3. Analyse vocabulary with sentences

Whenever you learn any vocabulary from the books, you need to see to it that the vocabulary has been used in a certain context. This is what you need to notice because when you learn a new word, you have to connect it with a particular sentence which can help you learn a particular word in an easy manner.

Always make sentences while learning vocabulary because those sentences with the fixed vocabulary will be able to give you ideas as to where you can put them in sentences to make sure that your meaning is clear.

4. Analyse sentence structure of all types

As you will be coming across different types of sentence structures while reading any content from any book, you also need to notice the sentence structures because they can differ as per the content.

You can come across simple sentences as well as complex sentences and that is what you need to analyze and you need to see how a long sentence has been connected to conjunctions and other parts of speech so that it can be made meaningful. Once you do this, you will be able to learn how to make long sentences as well.

5. Use different genres for reading

You just don’t need to stick to one type of book that you read, you also need to go through different types of genres. If you are interested in sports, reading books related to sports is good but you also need to read books related to Bollywood, adventure, crime, history, geography, and religion along with others.

6. Read fiction and non-fiction books

Certainly, going through fiction and non-fiction will be able to help you improve your English as fast as possible. Fiction books are basically based on false stories and you need to figure out how the story has been plotted and you also need to see how different words have been used in fiction books.

These books are literature-related books and mainly you can find long made-up stories through the imagination of the writers and sometimes they can be in different volumes.  For example, Harry Potter is one of the fiction books that you can read.

Non-fiction books are mostly based on fact stories and they can help analyze how the fact is revealed in the non-fiction books. Non-fiction books can be in the form of an autobiography, past incidents, sports events and other things.

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Best books to learn English-speaking

There are some of the best books available in the market that are certainly going to be helpful when it comes to English speaking. You can use these books to make sure that you improve your English as fast as possible.

  • Wren and Martin (Revised by Dr. N.D.V. Prasad Rao)
  • Objective General English by SP Bakshi
  • Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis
  • English Grammar and Composition by KP Thakur

Mentioning these books does not mean that other books are not good in the market but these books have always been great when it comes to helping the students to learn English speaking in a structured manner. They can also be used for various other purposes such as competitive exams and learning advanced-level English.

How to Improve English Speaking by Reading Books: Easy Tips


Books are going to be great as you can notice different types of tips in this particular blog and once you are regular in following them, you will be able to see the changes in yourself. Even after so much technology and the internet, books are still considered to be the best source of any kind of knowledge because everything is taken from the books and new books keep coming into the market because they present different ideas.

It is also true that what you read is what you try to speak and this thing is certainly going to be helpful only if you are regular with reading books because that will be marvelous in terms of improving your English speaking. What better way to implement your learning into English speaking than the AceFluency App. On this app, practicing English every day is easy and FREE because you get 20 minutes of calling talk time to connect 1:1 with co-learners.

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