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What is Collocation in English Grammar with Examples?

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What Is Collocation in English Grammar with Examples

English language is a language which has lots of concepts and different concepts related to grammar, pronunciation along with others which can be useful for students coming from different backgrounds. It is quite essential for students to understand different types of things which exist in English and they need to understand different concepts so that they have a deep understanding of what really goes inside.

Collocation is also one of the concepts of the English language in which students are able to learn how different types of words are used in combination with other words and how they function in a particular sentence.

The importance of collocations is such that they can really enhance the level of English and once you are able to use them in a better way, you will be able to feel the difference by yourself. English collocations are just going to make a huge difference in your current level of this language.

As per English collocations, it is not right to say ‘do a mistake, but rather it is right to say ‘make a mistake’ because that’s what the rule of collocation has to say and this is what makes this concept quite interesting to learn. If you want to learn and practice collocations every day with real people in real life conversations, download the AceFluency App because you get 20 minutes of FREE daily talk time to connect 1:1 with co-learners with whom you can practice speaking in English every day for FREE.

What is collocation?

There is always a natural combination of words that occur together in speech and writing and that’s where the role of collocation comes into play as far as English grammar is concerned. These groupings and pairings can be referred to as those words which have been used conventionally together to make sure that they carry specific meanings over time and they are definitely going to be something different from the individual words.

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Definition of collocation

As far as the definition of collocation is concerned, it can simply be defined as the habitual juxtaposition of some of the specific words in combination with other words which may help in the formation of a linguistic association that mostly native speakers of that particular language and in this context English language, recognize and use very frequently.

For example, ‘strong coffee’ is a collocation because here the word ‘strong’ completely collocates with the word ‘coffee’ which gives the meaning of having a type of coffee which has a strong flavour.

‘Make a decision’ is also an example of collocation in the English language because here the word ‘make’ goes ahead with the word ‘decision’ in terms of collocation to express the meaning of reaching a conclusion regarding anything.

Why learn collocations?

Collocations are going to be an important part of the English language as they are going to enhance the way you are going to write or speak the language in a natural flow. There are certain benefits that are going to be with collocations once you know how to learn them and use them in your speaking. Let us know one by one:

1. Improvement in natural frequency

Once you start using the collocations, it is certainly going to be great when it comes to having a natural fluency in your language because you are going to sound more fluent and natural whether you write or speak this particular language.

2. Accuracy in the language

Since you become aware of the right words to choose in context in combination with other words, that is certainly going to help you in terms of making your English language more accurate and hence it will certainly help you feel more confident about how you speak or write this particular language.

3. Vocabulary enrichment

Collocations are something which may be related to vocabulary as you are going to use certain words in combination with other words, but it’s also certainly going to help you learn more and more words and you will also be able to come to know how different words can be used especially when they are used in combination as per the context.

4. Overall communication improvement

Once you are able to have the expertise of collocations, that’s certainly going to be helpful as far as making improvements in your communication is concerned. You are able to comprehend the language perfectly and you will be able to produce your language proficiency in as effective manner as possible both in written and oral form.

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Types of collocations in English grammar

There are various types of collocations which exist in the English grammar and they have been mentioned as follows:

1. Adjective + noun collocations

Some of the examples of this particular type of collocation include the following:

Deep sleep, heavy traffic, bitter cold, etc. 

2. Verb + noun collocations

Some of the examples in this particular type of collocation include the following:

Make a mistake, give advice, take a shower, etc.

3. Noun + noun collocations

Collocations in this include various examples and some of them have been given below:

 Coffee table, traffic jam, apple pie, etc.

4. Adverb + adjective collocations

When it comes to adverb + adjective collocations, the examples are so many and some of them have been given below:

Remarkably similar, very cold, extremely hard, etc.

5. Verb + adverb collocations

As far as verb + adverb collocations are concerned, there are many examples of such collocations as they are used a lot in the English language and some of the examples have been given below:

Run quickly, do beautifully, talk loudly, etc. 


There are a lot of English collocations which can be used by students and students need to understand how they can be used to make sure that their English level may become better. It is crucial to understand that collocations in the English language definitely take the standard of the English language to a good level and this is something you as students must understand.

Once you are able to have good expertise in the English collocations, you will find them easy to learn and with time, you will be able to feel more confident in your English. Collocations are all about practice and the more you practice collocations, it will be easier for you and you will start enjoying them more and more. The best destination to practice collocations is the AceFluency App where you can practice with real people for FREE every day. You get 20 minutes of FREE calling talk time to connect 1:1 with co-learners with whom you can practice English conversations.

Collocations are different from many other concepts in the English language but they are not complicated but it is just about practicing them on a regular basis and then going ahead with the improvement bit by bit.

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