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17 Ways to Say Thank You in English

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17 Ways to Say Thank You in English

English is such an interesting language that when you want to say something, it can have many different ways to say the same thing. There are lots of phrases in English that are used very commonly but at the same time, there are some uncommon phrases which mean the same thing. People in different places and different situations use different phases to mean the same thing and that is what makes students more curious to learn about all different ways which mean the same.

Here in this particular blog, we will be mentioning 17 ways to say thank you in English and they are all going to be interesting and they will definitely be able to help you as students understand how you can use these different ways to say thank you to somebody who has done something special for you or has helped you in a particular situation. If you want to practice these phrases, you can do so on the AceFluency App for free. You get 20 minutes of live 1:1 calling talk time FREE every day on the app.

17 Ways to Say Thank You in English

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17 Alternative Ways To Say Thank You

Let’s understand one by one 17 alternative ways to say thank you and let’s also understand how these different alternative ways are used and what they can really mean when they are used in a particular situation.

1. Thank You For Everything

This particular way of saying thank you is something which denotes a comprehensive way of expressing gratitude. If somebody has helped you and supported you and shown kindness for you, you can definitely use this particular thank you alternative for that person.

2. I Am So Grateful For Your Help

The depth of gratitude and appreciation can be simply expressed by using this particular alternative way of saying thank you.

3. You Have Been A Great Help

This is a way of acknowledging the assistance or support provided by someone and this is something which can really express great gratitude as you want to say something special for someone instead of just saying thank you.

4. That’s Very Kind Of You

It is related to acknowledging the fact of generosity or kindness that somebody has shown towards you and because of that, you think that it is appropriate to thank that person in a different way and there you can use this alternative way of saying thank you.

5. You Are Too Kind

This particular phrase can be used for someone who is going to leave no stone unturned to help you and support you when you require that help. Because of this, you are indicating your gratitude by this alternative way of saying thank you to that person.

6. I Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart

This alternative way of saying thank you is something that is related to the feeling rather than just saying something through words for someone who has done some favour for you.

7. I Can’t Thank You Enough

It is an extreme gratitude shown towards somebody who has shown kindness to you due to a situation where you really needed some kindness.

8. I Owe You One

This is the expression which you can use for someone who has done something for you and you also want to return the same favour anytime in the future. So, in such a situation, you can always say “I owe you one”.

9. Many Thanks

When someone says many thanks, it is a slightly formal way to say thank you and it also shows politeness and when there is a formal situation, this is where this particular alternative way of saying thank you can be used.

10. I Am Grateful

It is simply about expressing sincere gratitude and going through the acceptance of kindness or favour that somebody has done for you and you are receiving it.

11. Thank You So Much

It is simply to show deep appreciation and you just want to express heartfelt thanks for someone.

12. Thanks A Lot

When you are specifically appreciative of any kind of gesture or help that you have received due to a particular situation when you really needed a kind of favour then you return with words to that person by saying “thanks a lot”.

13. Much Obliged

This is an old-fashioned way of saying thank you to someone who has done something favourable for you.

14. You Are A Lifesaver

Instead of saying just thank you, you can use this particular expression to acknowledge that somebody has helped you especially when you were in a critical situation and because of that help, you have been able to come out of that critical situation and feel relaxed now.

15. How Thoughtful Of You

It is about appreciating someone’s actions which are considered significant. So, in such a situation this alternative way of saying thank you can be used in a better way.

16. You Are Amazing

This is about the expression of admiration for someone who has been there standing for you when you really need someone to help you. This way of admiring someone instead of just saying thank you gives a special feeling to that person.

17. I’m so lucky to have you

It is in response to a situation when you acknowledge that you received the most important help in a particular situation and it is such that you couldn’t have come out of that difficulty if that person had not been there for you to help you. So, in place of saying thank you, you can use this expression to better acknowledge the support that you have received from a particular person.

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There are lots of ways of saying thank you to someone who has done a favourable thing for you and these ways are basically going to be great in terms of making your English better day by day. You as students can always try to practice these expressions and sentences which are alternative ways of saying thanks to someone who has done some favour for you.

Once you do this, you will be able to know how you can use other ways to say thank you and you will also be able to get rid of using the same expression every time someone does something for you and in return, you have to say just thank you because you are not aware of these other expressions or sentences.

If you want to master all these expressions in less time, you will have to practice them as much as you can in your day-to-day conversation and you will be able to see to it that your English improves in a better way and you become more confident and fluent in your English. To learn and practice such things every day, download the AceFluency App where you get FREE daily practice talk time to connect 1:1 with co-learners.

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