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13 Helpful Tips for Introverts to Learn English-Speaking

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What is Introversion? 

Helpful Tips for Introverts to Learn English-Speaking

Introversion is a personality trait that refers to an orientation towards one’s thoughts without being connected to others outside. This is a personality type that always avoids the center of attention in any given situation. 

As far as the English-learning process for introverts is concerned, this article will take you towards all those tips which will help any introvert learn the English language in a better way. 

Further in this article, we will mention 13 helpful tips for introverts to learn English speaking as they are going to be crucial for such personality traits for implementation.
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13 Helpful Tips for Introverts to Learn English-Speaking

How do Introverts learn English Speaking?

There are various ways which introverts can use to learn English speaking and those ways can be quite helpful for them. They can start with basic things such as building the vocabulary first and going through personal preferences in terms of content which can really help them understand what they need to read and do to learn English.

They may start with practicing pronunciation alone as they can be comfortable and using online resources will be helpful for them. Online resources such as online dictionaries and books related to accents and pronunciation will be helpful for them.

Online forums and discussion boards are always going to be something that introverts would always consider as their favorites. As they become more confident with time, their transition to spoken conversations will be in a much better way.

Apps like AceFluency can help introverts improve their English without actually facing anyone or sharing their identity. Students get 20 minutes of FREE calling talk time on the app to practice English with real people every day.

Flashcards related to English vocabulary and grammatical rules can certainly help introverts understand basic as well as intermediate parts of the language. Once they become comfortable with these, they can use advanced ways such as reading advanced content in the form of editorials published in newspapers and various magazines.

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Tips to learn English Speaking for Introverts

As mentioned earlier, let’s go through helpful tips for introverts to learn English-speaking and these tips are so easy that every introvert would like to follow them and will be able to implement them in their daily life to learn English speaking in the easiest way possible.

1. Starting with a goal

It is crucial for introverts to set an achievable goal in terms of learning English to feel better every day. They need to break down their goals into steps to achieve them comfortably.

2. Reading aloud

Reading books and articles aloud in a private space will definitely be helpful for introverts. Reading aloud helps in the improvement of fluency and pronunciation.

3. Maintaining a journal

It is vital for introverts to maintain a personal journal in the English language which can definitely help them practice the language in an easy way by expressing their feelings and thoughts.

4. Utilizing apps for recording themselves

They can definitely use mobile apps to record their voices to know how their pronunciation sounds. They can also speak on a particular topic and they will be able to have a clear picture of how to present a topic. This will help them analyze and improve accordingly.

5. Finding a language partner with similar traits

They can find a language partner with a similar trait to that of an introvert and they will have similarities in thoughts. They can share each other’s thoughts and they will feel comfortable learning this language together.

6. Active listening

Introverts can listen to audiobooks, dialogues, and movies and also be regular with English podcasts which discuss various issues with many people and these activities will definitely help them learn the English language in a better way.

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7. English-speaking club for introverts

Introverts can either find online or local English-speaking clubs and they may try to be the part of those clubs. There are some situations in which a peaceful environment is given to introverts to make sure that they are able to practice their English in a better way.

8. Learning with patience and persistence

It is always a gradual process for any person to learn the English language and the same thing applies to introverts as well. They may remain patient and make sure that they learn small things every day and they maintain the same thing consistently. If they do this, they will be able to see that they are able to cover all aspects of the language whether it’s vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation or accent.

9. Using flashcards to improve memory

To improve memory retention, introverts can definitely take the help of flashcards as they will be able to recall what kind of vocabulary they need to use as per the situation. Flashcards will definitely help them especially when they have conversations with somebody on any given topic.

10. Self-assessment every now and then

Introverts can definitely do self-assessment as they are able to see themselves through regular recording of their speaking styles. Self-assessment will help them to work on the areas where they feel that they have their requirements. Self-assessment will give them clues about what they need to do to improve their English.

11. Engaging in online forums as they progress

Introverts can start engaging themselves in online forums as they progress through English grammar and vocabulary. Online forums will give them a new opportunity to express their views in more open ways.

12. Simulating real-life situations

Introverts can also go through role-play scenarios in the English language as they will be able to help them feel more confident because they will be able to know how to handle everyday situations. This will allow them to feel more and more flexible even with those things which may not be comfortable for them as introverts.

13. Learning through writing

As we’ve already discussed about reading and speaking activities, introverts can also involve themselves in writing activities such as writing their thoughts on any topic that they feel comfortable in. They can also write about their daily life schedules and how they will be able to achieve what they are working hard for.

We hope that the given 13 helpful tips for introverts to learn English speaking will be so useful that introverts will find them easy to follow and will be able to learn English speaking skills as soon as possible. If you are an introvert, try applying these tips when you want to improve your English. AceFluency App offers a platform and a community of learners with complete privacy and safety along with FREE practice features like 1:1 calling with co-learners, and student speaking rooms. Learners get 20 minutes of calling talk time FREE every day on the app and 9 days of speaking room participation access as well. If you are an introvert, you must check this app out.

13 Helpful Tips for Introverts to Learn English-Speaking

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