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51 Daily Used Common English-Speaking Sentences for Beginners

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51 Easy English Sentences Used in Daily Life

Daily English Speaking Sentences

There are a lot of English sentences used in daily life and those sentences are essential for every student of the English language to learn so that they may use them in their daily life while having conversations with their friends and relatives.

If you want to speak good English, you should be well aware of English sentences used in daily life as they are pivotal as far as making basic English strong is concerned. If all students become aware of daily used English sentences, it will really make sure that their English becomes stronger on a regular basis.

They can speak daily-used sentences to feel more confident as a beginner and it will definitely make them feel confident as they speak those sentences while talking to any person. They can practice using these sentences on the AceFluency App where they get FREE practice talk time to connect 1:1 with co-learners every day.

English learners struggle because they do not have sentences in their minds to use them appropriately as per the situation.

Here is a list of 51 English sentences used in daily life which can enhance English of any student who’s passionate about learning this language and who wants to be aware of all those sentences which can be useful in daily routine.

51 Daily Used Common English-Speaking Sentences for Beginners

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Most Common Daily Used English Sentences: 1 to 15

NoEnglish Sentences
1How are you?
2What’s going on these days?
3What’s for dinner today?
4Do you have any plans for today?
5Can I help you with anything?
6Can you please give me a glass of water?
7Should we eat out today?
8How does pizza taste?
9What do you feel like doing?
10What are you watching on TV today?
11What are you reading these days?
12Are you busy?
13What’s on your mind?
14Do you have some time?
15Is everything going well?

Daily English Speaking Sentences from 16 To 30

No.English Sentences
16How was your weekend?
17How are you feeling today?
18What time did you get up today?
19Where are my keys?
20Are you joking?
21Should we go now?
22What are you up to?
23Could you give me a lift?
24What are you thinking about?
25What do you want to do?
26What do you want to eat for lunch today?
27Can I make you some coffee?
28Where are you going?
29How much does it cost?
30Do you want to meet next week?

Everyday English-Speaking Sentences From 30 To 51

No.English Sentences
31Don’t worry about it.
32It doesn’t matter.
33I don’t agree.
34I completely agree with you.
35Thank you so much.
36Nice to meet you.
37You are such a wonderful person.
38I’d like to introduce myself.
39That’s so kind of you.
40You’re welcome.
41It was my pleasure.
42Let’s meet this weekend.
43Sorry. I can’t come.
44What is your favorite destination to visit?
45Can you do this work for me?
46Why are you not going there?
47How many languages do you speak?
48What happened?
49Do you know him?
50I can’t recognize that person.
51It’s difficult for me.

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51 English sentences used in daily life are so crucial that they can help anyone to take their English to a better position by applying them while talking in the given situations where they can be used appropriately.

If you want to use these sentences in your life, you will have to practice them as often as possible because your practice will make sure that you improve your English and you may also consider using more advanced sentences for you to feel more fluent in your language.

English learning always starts with basic sentences and this can be quite helpful if you are somebody who keeps the interest of learning this language in a better way.  

You can think over each sentence carefully and try to think about a situation where they can be used. Whenever any situation arises in your day-to-day life, you should always try to bring the appropriate sentences on your tongue so that you may use them properly.

It has been seen in many cases that students struggle a lot in their day-to-day sentences but once they learn these commonly used sentences, they too can feel that they have started learning this language quite easily.

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English sentences used in daily life can look a bit challenging for anyone who is starting to learn this language but with practice and time, it will become quite easy to use them as they are going to be used very often in general conversations.

Once these sentences are mastered, other steps can be taken to improve English to make it a bit advanced. Memorizing these sentences will not be a good step of learning them but trying to use them in an appropriate situation will certainly make you habitual of using these sentences comfortably.

I hope these English sentences used in daily life will be able to help you feel better regarding your English and you will be able to make yourself better in this particular language. If you want to improve your English fast, I suggest you download the AceFluency App and practice these daily life sentences while connecting with co-learners which is FREE for 20 minutes every day.

51 Daily Used Common English-Speaking Sentences for Beginners

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