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5 Ways to Practice English Speaking Online for Free

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5 Ways to Practice English Speaking Online for Free

It’s a modern era and technology is everywhere and because of this technology, students can benefit themselves a lot as there are lots of free options available which they can use to make sure that their English becomes better day by day.

They can easily practice English speaking online for free as some online options will help them to do this. As far as this article is concerned, we will mention 5 ways to practice English speaking online for free and you as the students will definitely find them helpful every time. The best way out of all these is to practice spoken English every day. You can do it for FREE on the AceFluency App because you get 20 minutes of FREE calling talk time on the AceFluency App to practice English with co-learners.

5 Ways to Practice English Speaking Online for Free

Best ways to practice English speaking online for free

Different learners use different ways to practice English speaking online for free but there are some ways which can really be fruitful for them. Some learners use the method of reading newspapers while some use the method of listening to their friends and peers to try to speak like them.

Some of the learners have the habit of trying to speak like their teachers and professors who have great communication skills. This shows all learners have got individual methods to try out for themselves and see to it what works for them in the best way possible. As mentioned earlier, below is a list of five ways to practice English speaking online for free.

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  1. Through YouTube Tutorials

Lots of videos are made and uploaded every day on YouTube and tutorials on the English language are not different either. Lots of tutorials on various YouTube channels have been uploaded on YouTube. Some tutorials are related to vocabulary while some are related to grammar and pronunciation.

Students can definitely use these tutorials for free and use YouTube platform as a platform to learn and improve their English in an easy and fast way. They need to be regular with going through those tutorials which talk about different aspects of the English language.  Some of the tutorials also give students some tasks to do and working on those tasks can definitely be fruitful for them.

  1. Accessing English Blogs

As YouTube is related to videos, blogs are related to the content in the written form. Lots of English blogs can be found on Google which will be helpful for students. Students can easily access them and get to know about any particular topic where they may be confused in English to make sure that they understand the concept in a better way.

English language-related blogs are published on a day-to-day basis on various websites available on Google. Students can freely use them according to their comfortable and free time and they’ll be able to feel that they can improve their English as per their requirements. 

English grammar-related blogs can also be found easily on Google and students can read about any topic they may be confused about in detail. For example, if a student wants to know and understand the details of any part of speech related to English grammar, keywords related to the part of speech can be searched through the Google search engine and different results can be found and the student can access the content as per the preferences.

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  1. Online learning through apps

Online learning through various apps is also in trend these days and students can try their level best to make use of this process. One of the best ways is to go through the AceFluency app which connects learners to talk to each other and they also get free talk time every day to practice their English.

This app also has lots of other free features such as accessing vocabulary and using the translation feature to practice English conveniently.

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  1. Playing word games

As we are discussing 5 ways to practice English speaking online for free, playing word games is also something that students can definitely take great advantage of.

There are lots of word games related to vocabulary and if students want to enhance their vocabulary, they may refer to those word games through Google Play Store.

Mostly, word games make the students choose the right word out of the four options and this makes them take some time and think about the right answer. This is definitely going to be a great way of improving their vocabulary and at the same time, they may enjoy the process.

  1. Watching movies with subtitles

Some interesting things have to be present with learning and the same thing applies to English learning as well. Lots of students are interested in different types of movies and if they’re also interested in learning the English language, they can do practice with movies.

Watching movies in the English language with subtitles can make students relate the dialogues and lines available in movies to their English language. 

They may have some issues related to listening skills and understanding what the actors and actresses in the movies speak. But once they refer to the subtitles given with the movies on the screen, they will be able to read them and enjoy the movies at the same time. This process will help them to know what kind of sentences are used by speakers in various situations as movies present different situations as per the genre.

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How Can I Improve My English Online for Free?

Every student is concerned about their English and ways to improve it but following the online resources available for free can definitely be helpful for them because those online resources are available to benefit them in every given situation.

Several types of content are available for free for students to refer to and learn something related to the English language. For example, students can learn lots of things through a particular documentary in which a particular topic is taken to be talked and explained about in detail.

They can watch any documentary as per their interest and they can see how the documentary is being presented to them in the English language and what they can learn by listening to and watching those documentaries.

Practicing English online is FREE on the AceFluency App. On this app, you get 20 minutes of FREE calling talk time to connect 1:1 with co-learners.

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5 Ways to Practice English Speaking Online for Free


In conclusion, after analyzing 5 ways to practice English speaking online for free, you should never forget to implement them to make great use of those free resources.

These days students can also find lots of books in the form of PDF available for free to download on Google and they can also refer to those PDF books related to English language.

These days learning has been as easy as falling off a log and once students start thinking about how they can easily access any type of content as per their interest for free, they can definitely make use of those types of content for their benefits and to learn and practice the English language for themselves. Download the AceFluency App to practice English for FREE here.

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