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50+ Daily Used English Sentences For Kids

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English Sentences For Kids

Daily Used English Sentences For Kids

Hello, learners! Are you curious to learn some useful daily English sentences?

Then what are you waiting for, go through the article, boost your knowledge, and learn to communicate with all the people around the world. 

Whether you are interacting with your friends, and family or trying to make new friends. These sentences will help you to express yourself effectively and unlock the possibilities for fun and growth. Use these sentences in your conversations with co-learners on the AceFluency App to improve your spoken English. You get 20 minutes of daily free talk time to connect 1:1 with co-learners on the AceFluency App.

50+ Daily Used English Sentences For Kids

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40 Simple English Sentences for Kids

Simple sentences as the name implies make conversation simple and easy because they express a complete idea and can be used alone as a grammatically correct statement. Here are some of the examples given below:

Serial No.Statement
1I have completed my homework.
2I like to eat fruits.
3My favorite subject is English.
4I am getting late for school.
5I am feeling hungry.
6I wash my hands before eating my food.
7Brushing teeth keeps them healthy and clean.
8My mother helps me with my homework.
9I finished my lunch.
10My mother is scolding me.
11I wake up early in the morning.
12I like to watch cartoons.
13My teacher punished me today.
14I am going out to play with my friends.
15I save money in my piggy bank.
16My school bus is coming.
17Which is your favorite color?
18Do you like Chinese food?
19I can speak two languages.
20I am going out for dinner with my parents.
21My parents are very strict.
22My relatives are coming over for dinner.
23I am playing with my pet dog.
24I am feeling thirsty.
25My hobbies are singing and dancing.
26I am writing an application.
27My best friend is brilliant.
28My best friend always shares his lunch with me.
29Can I play badminton with you?
30I am riding a bicycle.
31Don’t try to be over-smart with me.
32I am a quick learner.
33I am passionate about cricket.
34My aim is to become a cricketer.
35Birds are chirping.
36My handwriting is poor.
37I live in a nuclear family.
38I live in a joint family.
39My Grandparents love me a lot.
40I will not attend school tomorrow.

40 Common English Sentences for Kids

Common Sentences are those sentences that are repeatedly used in everyday language and communication. They often convey common ideas and actions. Here are some of the examples given below:

Serial No.Statement
1Yummy! Ice Cream tastes delicious on a hot day.
2I polish my shoes daily.
3I am suffering from a fever.
4I scored good marks in all the subjects.
5My friend has invited me to his birthday party.
6I hate drinking milk.
7Are we going for a picnic.?
8Don’t make noise while eating.
9Stop teasing me.
10Stand outside the class.
11What have you brought for lunch today?
12I want pizza in my lunch box today.
13Hurrah! Today is a holiday.
14I am reading a comic book.
15I am having tasty snacks.
16Can you help me, please?
17Let’s play hide and seek!
18I am not feeling well.
19Look at the butterfly!
20May I help you?
21How long are we going to play today?
22My mother is calling me, I have to go now.
23Let’s meet tomorrow!
24I am feeling tired.
25I am feeling extremely happy.
26I am learning how to swim.
27I am feeling shy.
28I am proud of you.
29My brother is very naughty.
30Let’s go to the zoo!
31Don’t fight with me.
32I am watering the plants.
33Let’s go for a walk!
34My bad habit is, I go to bed late.
35I stay away from street dogs.
36Look at the rainbow!
37I give respect to my elders.
38We are going to a water park this weekend.
39I had a fight with my classmate.
40The weather is pleasant today.

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50+ Daily Used English Sentences For Kids


Your learning will become easy and fun if you use these simple and common sentences in your daily speaking. 

These sentences will make your journey of building fluency and mastering this language more effortless and amazing. Use them every day in your conversations and you’ll experience improved English. To practice English every day for FREE, download the AceFluency App where you can get 20 minutes of free calling talk time to connect with co-learners every day.

Always remember whenever you learn something new and interesting, you become smarter and more intelligent. Learning is a never-ending process, so keep learning and thriving.

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