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50+ Easy English Speech Topics for Students: 2 & 5 Minute Speech

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Best English Speech Topics for Students

Best English Speech Topics for Students

Speech topics are definitely going to be essential for students to learn about what they can speak when they are presented with an opportunity to speak on a particular topic which is common. There are lots of topics which may be common but students may not be well versed in those topics and hence they may find it difficult to speak clearly and in detail.

In this particular article, we will be mentioning more than 50 easy English speech topics for students and these topics will definitely make them feel better and explore all these to make sure that they become better in terms of public speaking and giving speeches. They can also try to write some content on these topics which can make them feel comfortable with these topics and they can write and speak anywhere confidently and fluently. If you want to practice speaking on these topics, you should try out the Rooms feature on the AceFluency App. You get 9 days of FREE participation access on AceFluency App.

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50+ Easy English Speech Topics for Students: 2 & 5 Minute Speech

Easy English Speech Topics For Students 

There are lots of easy topics on which students can speak and they can definitely find their content available on various sources on the Internet and these topics have been mentioned as follows:

  1. What is success in life?
  2. How can we save ourselves from fake news?
  3. What is self-confidence?
  4. Is love more powerful than hate?
  5. What is the social impact of COVID-19?
  6. Can online learning be fun?
  7. How can violent video games be restricted?
  8. Speech on online games?
  9. Benefits of Music
  10. What are the benefits of learning a second language?
  11. Importance of education in our life

2-Minute Speech Topics For Students

There are lots of topics on which 2-minute speeches can easily be delivered by the students and they need to make sure that these topics are handled very well with enough content to be spoken. Below is a list of these topics about which students can easily feel confident once they start speaking at least for 2 minutes:

  1. Importance of homework in school
  2. Learnings from lockdown of COVID-19
  3. Is it possible to recycle food?
  4. Why should schools teach sign language?
  5. Are women better to become Presidents and Prime Ministers than men?
  6. How are books better than movies for students?
  7. Impact of technology on our life
  8. Should children’s reality shows be completely banned?
  9. Smart work versus hard work: which one is better?
  10. What is nuclear energy?
  11. Importance of kindness in our life

5-Minute Speech Topics For Students 

There are topics that students can choose to speak at least for 5 minutes and they can prepare for their speeches for schools and colleges. Below is a list of these topics on which students can try and speak confidently and that will help them feel better in terms of their English:

  1. What are the benefits of music?
  2. How can we get rid of fake news?
  3. Is making public transport free a good step?
  4. What should the government do regarding violent video games?
  5. Speech on honesty
  6. Speech on humanitarian work
  7. Speech on the importance of learning computer
  8. Speech on learning foreign languages
  9. How can self-confidence decide our career?
  10. Is it possible to learn English fast?
  11. How can good politics change a country’s future?

English Speech Topics On Environment

If you speak on topics related to the environment, it will definitely help you speak all the related topics comfortably. Let us know some of the topics from the environment that you can give speeches on:

  1. Speech on ozone layer depletion
  2. Speech on deforestation
  3. Global warming
  4. Pollution
  5. Water saving methods
  6. Speech on waste management
  7. Speech on climate change
  8. How do natural disasters influence the environment? 
  9. Extinction of rare species
  10. Benefits of recycling

English Speech Topics On Technology

Technology plays a very important role in our life and there are many topics that can be helpful for you as a student as you can try to explore them and know more about them to deliver speeches in an effective manner. Let’s look at some technology-related topics:

  1. The Impact of technology on our society
  2. The rise of artificial intelligence
  3. E-commerce and its benefits
  4. Gaming technology
  5. Entertainment industry

English Speech Topics On Festivals

Festivals play a very important role in everyone’s life and they are great especially for brotherhood and there are lots of festivals on which speeches can be delivered. Let us get to know some of the important topics that you can deliver speeches on:

  1. Speech on Diwali
  2. Importance of celebrating festivals together
  3. Speech on Holi
  4. Speech on Eid
  5. Speech on Christmas
  6. Speech on religious festivals and rituals

English Speech Topics On Corruption

It is crucial to spread awareness about corruption and this can be done through speeches as well. There are lots of corruption-related topics that need to be explored.

  1. What is corruption?
  2. Impact of corruption
  3. Media and corruption
  4. How is politics affected by corruption?
  5. How can corruption spoil a company’s environment?

English Speech Topics On Social Issues4

Social issues are the most important issues that everyone needs to talk about. Having a good grasp on social issues can really make anyone give speeches comfortably. If you are aware of social issues, there are a number of topics you can select and prepare speeches on:

  1. Importance of equality
  2. Education for females
  3. Reservation
  4. Woman empowerment 
  5. Child labour
  6. Racism
  7. Unemployment in society
  8. Globalization
  9. Casteism

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Tips To Prepare And Present A Good Speech

Giving a great speech is an art and you have to do with lots of things that are important for you to keep in mind. Understanding the topic that you are going to speak on is one of the most important things that you as a student of public speaking can think about. If you know that you have a topic, then it is important to go through other things that have been mentioned as follows:

1. Know your audience and engage with them

Since you already know that this is the topic that you are going to speak on, it is imperative for you to understand the type of audience that you are going to speak before. Once you know the audience, you have to start engaging with them during speech which can really enhance the speech in a better way.

2. Keep it simple

You don’t have to complicate your speech by using complicated vocabulary but you have to make sure that your speech is simple and you are able to connect with your audience in a better way. Your main focus should be to convey the message that you want to in as better way as possible.

3. Use your body language

The importance of body language is such that once you understand it and start using it, it will be able to give you more and more confidence in terms of giving your speech in a better. You have to use your body language to make sure that your audience is able to connect with you very clearly. The importance of body language while delivering any speech plays a very essential role in terms of conveying the message effectively.

4. Do as much practice as possible beforehand

Practice is what becomes the key when it comes to delivering a great speech on any topic. Beforehand, you need to practice the written content as much as possible and then you will be able to feel more confident before you step on to deliver your speech.

5. Structure your speech

Having a fixed structure of the topic that you are going to speak on is something which can make you feel more confident. Know what are the things that you are going to speak about next. The structuring of the speech will make sure that there are a few points that are going to be in your mind and you have to speak those points in a very clear manner.

50+ Easy English Speech Topics for Students: 2 & 5 Minute Speech


Topics related to the environment, corruption, social issues and technology are so common topics that you as students studying in schools and colleges can make yourself ready with in order to deliver speeches. Once you are able to deliver speeches in English on these topics, it will certainly help in boosting your confidence level and you will be able to feel the difference in your language and in the manner of delivering speech yourself.

This is something which if done on a regular basis can certainly make you a better speaker of the English language. All of this is achievable only when you practice English every day which you can now do for FREE on the AceFluency App because you get 20 minutes of FREE calling talk time to connect 1:1 with co-learners.

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